Application for participating as an incoming volunteer

To apply as an incoming volunteer in Germany, please contact our respective partner organisation in your home country. In this case they are the sending organisation and will organise the service together with us.

Application for an outgoing service

We thank you for your interest in a volunteer assignment with Christliche Dienste. Before filling out the application form, we request that you read through the mission statement from the CD, since for us it is important to have a common understanding about what voluntary service is.

Interested parties can apply with our application form up to the 15th of October of the year prior to the planned stay abroad.

After receipt of your reference letters, we will invite you to an interview in order to be able to get to know each other and to talk about possible placement opportunities.

In preparation for the service assignment, we offer a four-day seminar in March/April and a nine-day country-specific seminar in May/June/July. During your assignment we will stay in contact with the volunteers through reports and email. After the assignment there will be a five-day re-entry seminar as completion of the service assignment.

Application Form for a Voluntary Service Assignment

Information shared in the application form will be treated confidentially. It is required in order to provide for a relevant service assignment and will be used exclusively for the selection and placement process of the voluntary service assignment.

What happens with my data?


A completed application should include three reference forms from people other than your relatives. The references should be filled out by people who can attest to your character, abilities, and knowledge, as well as your motivation and capacity to volunteer.

Information for reference writers according to GDPR Art. 13 and 14

Reference form

Please save the application form and the reference letters on your computer. Completely fill out the application form, including a current photo, and send a signed copy by regular mail to

Christliche Dienste, Hauptstraße 1, 69245 Bammental

Application form

Reference letters should be sent separately by regular mail.

We reserve the right to ask further questions of your references if deemed necessary.

We will contact you after receipt of your application.

Currently the application documents are only available in German.
To view, fill in and print the files, a PDF-reader will be required, such as    Adobe Acrobat Reader.