Mission statement

Who we are

Christliche Dienste (CD) was founded in 1986 as a means for supporting mission, service and peace projects around the world, not only financially, but also by sending service workers. CD is the voluntary service arm of the German-wide Mennonite conference AMG (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mennonitischer Gemeinden in Deutschland) although applicants come from other Christian denominations as well.

What carries us

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” (John 13:34). God’s love is at the center of our faith and the basis for our relationship to others regardless of their faith, ethnicity, nationality, gender or political views. Voluntary service is a positive expression of this understanding.

Go and learn!

Serving and learning in the name of Jesus

What we want

To give people the opportunity to participate in voluntary service.

Our volunteers learn to know other cultures and ways of living and gain new perspectives on the world and other people. They develop intercultural competency during service and are offered space for self-reflection. Significant elements of service are both encouraging the development of a volunteer’s gifts and at the same time encouraging a readiness to learn and invest in the project where the volunteer serves. They should have the opportunity to develop their personality and to grow in their faith.

To support projects

We want to embody the love of God through the volunteers’ service as well as developing and strengthening relationships with brothers and sisters around the world. Working together with our partners abroad, we put faith into action, serving those on the margins of society, encouraging their participation and development in society. Our commitment is to support and encourage our partners in the work they do locally by sending volunteers to serve with them. The presence of international volunteers in itself is often significant in bettering the reputation of partner organizations in their own country.

To promote change in church and society

We encourage volunteers to become actively involved in their communities following their return from service. The volunteers bring their experiences and newly gained perspectives into their individual settings. Through contact with them, others have the chance to better understand global issues. It is our hope that through the service of our volunteers we help to cultivate more understanding for other cultures and encourage churches to reflect on their societal and missional perspectives.

What we do

We organize voluntary service assignments both domestically and abroad. Volunteers work in projects led by local persons. We maintain regular contact with our local partners.

In order to place volunteers in assignments that fit their personality and skill sets, we engage each one individually in an intensive application process where we get to know them personally. We then prepare them for service, maintain contact with them during their assignment and provide support upon their return, helping them integrate their experiences into their life back home and find continued outlets for engagement.

As a means for reflection and self-evaluation of our work, we are part of a network of other voluntary service organizations and quality consortiums which help us to maintain up-to-date quality standards for our work.

Following Jesus’ commission, we strive to demonstrate God’s love, to have an attitude of service, as well as promoting justice, peace and the preservation of creation.

Bammental 29.11.2014