About us

Mennonite Voluntary Service, e.V.—Christliche Dienste provides opportunities for voluntary serviceabroad. As of 2019 there are 80 volunteers serving in 12 countries in Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe. They work with children, people needing special care and youth in large cities. They build homes for homeless families, support missionaries, work in fair trade shops, in second-hand stores, in soup kitchens or in the storage and distribution of relief goods. They work for peace and reconciliation. Their programs seek to show God’s love to those marginalized in society.

Christliche Dienste was established in 1985 through an initiative of Mennonite churches. These churches belong to the Protestant Free church tradition, whose roots stem back to the Reformation. Nowadays, Mennonite organizations are responsible for carrying out the mission.

We believe in Jesus Christ, the revealed Son of God and the Lord of all who accept him by faith. We believe that the Christian church is made up of all those who commit themselves to live under His Lordship and to share with each other. Christian love is a vital aspect of the Christian faith, and the basis of our relationship to all people, regardless of their belief, race, nationality, gender, and political point of view. Our response to human conflict, injustice, war and racial conflict is rooted in the biblical statements on non-violence. Voluntary Service is a positive expression of this understanding.

Christliche Dienste is supported through the collaboration of Mennonite initiatives in social service, peace, and missions, and operates as a branch of Mennonite Voluntary Service, e.V.

Mennonite Voluntary Service, e.V.—Christian Service is a member of the Service Action Group for Peace (AGDF) and of the Evangelical Forum for Development Voluntary Service (eFeF) and is also recognized as a sending agency for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Coordination and Development and for the International Youth Volunteer Service (IJFD) which is promoted by the German Federal Ministry for family affairs, senior citizens, women and youth.